Development History

Tuotie machinery advocates green casting, focuses on process control of each link of production, and increases investment in health, environmental protection and technology year by year. Over the past few years, the enterprise has increased its investment of nearly 30 million yuan in technical transformation, environmental protection facilities and energy conservation, and has done its best to become an industry benchmark in Ningbo.

With the continuous capital and technology investment, the annual sales of the enterprise has increased steadily, and the annual sales have exceeded 100 million by 2015; It will exceed 300 million in 2021.

In recent years, the state has supported the implementation of major industrial projects. Taking this opportunity, Tuotie machinery also took this good opportunity to accelerate its development, summarize its daily work experience and actively carry out a number of R & D. In the future, Tuotie will focus on the cultivation of talents, connect with major colleges and universities, set up service stations in the school, provide a learning platform for students, and realize employment before graduation.

Tuotie machinery once came to Haishu District as a "beginner". In just a few years, it has become one of the top enterprises in Ningbo. Such rapid and steady development is inseparable from superior policies, excellent leadership and a united and friendly collective.